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Who?       Guillaume Gareau-Loyer, owner

What?      High quality objects for the kitchen using locally
                    sourced hardwoods wherever possible.

Where?   The workshop is located in the rural village of
                    Ste-Marcelline-de-Kildare, QC.  Select stores
                    throughout Québec and Canada carry our products,
                    and we participate in shows like the
                    Salon des Métiers d'art in Montréal.

When?     Since 2009.

Why?        Functional, utilitarian objects don't have to be
                    boring, plain or ugly just because we use them.  And
                    frankly, using something just on "special occasions"
                    or not at all because it is "too nice" is kind of absurd.
                    Beau Grain makes the utilitarian objects fun, unique
                    and beautiful without compromising their
                    accessibility or functionality.  Through attention to
                    detail, good design, knowledge of materials and
                    efficiency, Beau Grain offers quality wooden objects
                    that you will love - to use - for years.

                                           Invite us into your kitchen.
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