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BEAU GRAIN is a company that designs and creates high quality utilitarian kitchen tools with wood.


After several years working as a tree planter, I naturally opted for wood as a material for my creations. It is warm, timeless and a renewable resource that is wonderful to work with, to touch and to use.  


BEAU GRAIN started humbly. With big ideas and minimal tools I made my first cutting boards and knife holders. I made mistakes and I learned. Stubbornly, I taught and challenged myself and despite the risks, invested all of my modest resources. I acquired better tools and designed an efficient shop. I never cease to teach myself and innovate to develop unique designs to satisfy those, who as I do, appreciate work well done.


I believe  objects which are practical, but also beautiful, create strong connections with their owners. Cherished objects are well used, but also very well cared for. In that sense, beauty and longevity go hand in hand and it is my belief that good craftsmanship is a  solution to a life filled with meaningless and disposable objects.



BEAU GRAIN’s product line is always evolving. Through efficient production and use of materials I aim to offer irreproachable quality products in my unique style. I am excited by the challenge of responding to an ever growing demand for my products, while at the same time maintaining the integrity of my craftsmanship. 

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